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How much liquid is needed to prepare 663.1mL of a solution that has a new concentration of 4.8M if the stock solution is 42.3M?

When dealing with stock solutions, the concentrations, volume transferred, and final volume when making new solutions use the formula:

Wherein  and  are the concentration and volume of the stock solution, which is also called initial concentration and volume. While  and  are the concentration and volume of the new solution which can also be called as the final concentration and volume.


 = 42.3 M

 = ?

 = 4.8 M

 = 663.1 mL

The variable  is the unknown which makes sense since the volume that is needed to be transferred to a container in order to make a new solution is asked. Rearranging the formula, the equation would now be:

Replace the variables with the given data:

Therefore, in order to have a  solution with 4.8 M concentration, 75.2 mL of the stock solution is needed to be diluted up to 663.1 mL of volume.