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HTML and Javascript website Sprint 1User Story Apply for a Titan Coffee Run credit lineAs a

HTML and Javascript website Sprint 1:User Story: Apply for a Titan Coffee Run credit line.As a potential customer ordering from the Titan Coffee Run website, I want to apply for a Titan Coffee Run credit line so I can place orders for coffee.Acceptance Criteria:The user can click and fill out a form to qualify.The user can send their application.The user is notified if the form is incorrectly filled out.The user is notified the amount they qualify for.The user is notified if they do not qualify for a credit line.Developers will break down their user story into tasks. Here are the tasks you need to accomplish.100 pts 10 pts 1. On the index page, add a link that says “Apply for Credit”.10 pts 2. Clicking the link should take the user to another page that contains a application form. The form should contain the following text fields and a “Apply” button. a. Email Address b. Re-enter Email Address c. First Name d. Last Name e. City f. State g. ZIP Code h. Gross Income i. Last 4 digits of SSN j. A checkbox with the following text: “This request serves as my written instruction to Titan Coffee Run to obtain a “soft inquiry” about my credit information, which won’t affect my credit score. I agree that TCR can send me an email confirming my request.”10 pts 3. Add a script called qualify.js to the js folder.10 pts 4. In the qualify.js script, it should add an event for the apply button that listens for the onclick event. When the onclick event occurs, it should validate that the email text matches the re-enter email text and that the first name textbox is not empty. If the validation fails for either, display the appropriate error message beside the textbox. For example: This entry must equal the first entry This field is required.10 pts 5. The script should validate that all the other fields have values and are not empty.10 pts 6. If validation is successful, and the user gross income is > 20,000 display an alert that says “Congratulations, Your are qualified for credit line. A credit card will be sent to you in the mail”.10 pts 7. If validation is successful, and the user gross income is < 20,000 display an alert that says "We're sorry, you do not qualify for a credit line at this time".10 pts 8. If validation fails, it should display a table below the form that displays the data for valid entries and error messages for invalid entries.10 pts 9. Add a Reset button that clears all form fields when clicked.10 pts 10. Add your qualify.js script to the page via a script tag.

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