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How to code in python the Vincent Van Goghs starry night such like thisWrite a Python program

How to code in python the Vincent Van Gogh’s starry night such like this:Write a Python program, called, to create a drawing inspired from the work of a known painter (artist) using the Python Turtle module and its built-in functions. You must create and use at least one turtle from this module to create your drawing. To illustrate what this assignment is asking you to do, here is the chef d’oeuvre created by a CMPT 120 student from a previous semester: nu option Run is selected or F5 is pressed.Your program must not require input from the user in order to completely execute. This is to say that the user must not be prompted for any input data once your program has started executing, it must execute all on its own until it reaches its end.The last statement in your program must call the turtle function (method) exitonclick( ) as presented in our lectures.Your drawing must not be larger than the default Python canvas size of 700 x 650, i.e., your drawing must be displayed in its entirety in the Python canvas without having the viewer (the TA) either resizing the Python canvas or having to use the scroll bars in order to view your drawing. To help you visualize a Python canvas too small, download and execute the program Download cannot make use of Python modules that need to be downloaded on a computer before they can be used. You can only use Python modules that are already available on Python 3.11 IDLE (available by simply using the Python statement import in your Python program).Your drawing must be composed of at least thirty (30) shapes. To help you determine what a “shape” is in a Turtle drawing, download and execute the program Download The drawing created by this program consists of nine (9) shapes:2 rectangles1 square3 circles2 semi circles (note that 2 semi circles drawn together count as 1 shape, but here, the 2 semi circles are not drawn together so they count as 2 shapes)1 quarter of a circle.Some of the shapes your program draws must be filled in. For example, the rightmost rectangle in the drawing produced by the program (the one with the “yellow” contour) is filled in with the colour called “hot pink”.Your drawing must include at least ten (10) colours. Looking at the drawing the program generates, you can count eight (8) colours (nine (9) if you include “white”).Your program must include at least five (5) for loops. Looking at the program, you can count two (2) for loops.Your program must include at least six (6) functions:Four (4) of these functions must be void functions, i.e., functions that do not return any values.Our e-textbook calls these void functions non-fruitful and it says that they return the value “None”.Note that these four (4) functions may or may not require parameters.Five (5) of these functions must require parameters (the number of parameters is up to you).Note that these five (5) functions may or may not be void.Looking at the program, we can count three (3) void functions that require parameters.You must apply the Generalization Principle when creating your functions as much as you can. This is to say that you must design your functions in a general fashion (perhaps using parameters and/or returned value) such that they can solve several similar problems.Your code must call each of your functions at least once, either from the Main part of your program, and/or from your other functions.All your functions must terminate with a return statement.Your program must not contain repeated code: i.e. statements that look exactly the same and are repeated several times in your program.You can use while loops in your program. However, your while loops must make use of a Boolean condition (i.e., Boolean expression) which must evaluate to True or False depending on the value assigned to the variable(s) contained in this Boolean expression. You cannot use break or exit( ) function as part of the body of your while loop.Also, you must use while loops only in situations when you do not know how many times your code needs to iterate. You must use for loops only in situations when you do know how many times your code needs to iterate.You must include a header comment block at the top of your program containing the four (4) sections we talked about in our lectures:filenamedescriptionauthordateFor this assignment, you also need to add the following to your header comment block:the name of the artistthe name of her/his chef d’oeuvre that inspired your drawingwhether we would like to have your chef d’oeuvre show cased (displayed) in classYour program must follow these Good Programming Style (GPS) rules:Functions and variables must always be named in a descriptive fashion (describing their purpose).All import statements must be placed at the top of the file, immediately after the header comment block, before the functions. Modules must only be included once per file.Each line of your code must not exceed 80 characters in length.

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