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Create a simple todo list application that allows users to add remove and mark tasks as complete

Create a simple to-do list application that allows users to add, remove, and mark tasks as complete. Firstly, start with a basic HTML structure. Then, use JavaScript to handle user interactions and update the list dynamically. Next, focus on implementing features like adding new tasks, checking off completed tasks, and deleting tasks. Additionally, enhance the project by incorporating features such as storing tasks in the browser’s local storage, enabling task prioritization, or adding due dates.InstructionsA. The to-do list is shown to the user with a button to add tasks (5 marks)o The user can add tasks to the list.B. Delete a task from a list (5 marks):o The user can select a task and click on the delete button to remove the task from the list.C. Mark a task completed (5 marks):o The user can select a task from the list to mark it completed. You have the option to implement the completed task either by changing the task colour or moving it to another column, etc. D. Enabling task prioritization (5 marks):o The user can change the tasks in the list based on their priorities. Tasks with high priority are shown at the top of the list.E. Adding due date for the tasks in the list (5 marks)F. Storing the tasks in the browser’s local storage (5 marks). Use external resources to solve this option.G. Visual Appeal (10 marks):o Website enhancements will be assessed based on the principles of good design, including layout, colour, typography, and overall aesthetics.please provide 3 codes; HTML, CSS & JavaScript

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