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Create a in c program that does the followingAsks the user for the card that has been played on

Create a in c++ program that does the following:Asks the user for the card that has been played (on the table). Hint: pick one card and get it working, then add a second, then a third. You can also give the user one of several choices to pickAsk the player if they have whatever card (or cards) you think is appropriate.Use a boolean variable to hold the value of whether or not they have a cardMakes a statement that confirms what the user enteredIncludes at least 3 if/else statements to branch possible actions for the user(Does not have to work for all cards, but should work for at least 3. You can choose which 3)Tells the player what action to take next.Ends the program with a nice statement to the user1. Add a loop to allow the player to play more than one time.2. Make sure the program works with at least 3 cards3. Add a random generator function to assign the card on the table. 4. Bonus points are available for the following features, a. Making the program work with all the cards b. Adding a random generator for the drawn card c. Including at least 5 branches d. Generate the hand and tell the player what the cards are (for 5 cards) e. Error checking for the user’s inputs

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