Write a Python function that takes as input three integers MN and r and returns an MN matrix of

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Write a Python function that takes as input three integers, M, N, and r, and returns an MN matrix of rank r. Create matrices of different sizes and ranks, and use numpy.linalg.matrix_rank() to verify the returned matrices have the desired rank.

Why should you expect a randomly generated matrix to have the rank you prescribe? What happens if you set r > min(M, N), and why does that happen?

def randrank(M, N, r):

A = random.randn(M, r)

B = random.randn(N, r)

return A.dot(B.T)

R = randrank(32, 41, 7)

print(R.shape, ‘n’)

print(LA.matrix_rank(R), ‘n’)

(32, 41)


(a) Use the function in Exercise #1 to generate a 5020 random matrix of rank r = 20, and visualize it.

(b) Find the SVD of the matrix in part (a) using numpy.linalg.svd().

(c) Reconstruct the MN 2D array s with the entries of along its diagonal and zeros everywhere else:

S = [s100000, s200000, sN00] if M > N, or

S = [s1000, s2000, sM000000] if M < N

(d) Verify that U.dot(S.dot(Vt)) recovers the matrix created in part (a).

(e) Repeat (a) – (d) for a randomly generated 2050 matrix of rank r = 20.

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