Write a Python program to print the sum addition multiply subtract and division of two numbers

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Write a Python program to print the sum (addition), multiply, subtract, and division of two numbers of your choice.Start your assignment by creating your program/code in a text editor of your choice. Notepad is an example of a text editor.Download Python from the following website: Download PythonLinks to an external site.Run/execute the Python program you created in a Python window (downloaded in step 2).Add the Python program you created in Step 1 to your Word document. Take screenshots of each of the mathematical operations (sum/addition, multiply, subtract, and division) executions, where screenshots should show each mathematical operation’s inputs, mathematical operations, and outputs separately. Add your screenshots to your paper.Part 2:Discuss the difference between an algorithm, a computer program, and pseudocode in 1-2 paragraphs.Create & run a Python program to sort the six employee’s salaries in ascending order and in descending order. Take screenshots of your created program & the program’s execution (Output):The following is a weekly salary for six employees at one of the companies: $500, $300, $700, $400, $600, and $550As the manager of the six employees, you have decided to give each employee a 5% salary increase. Write pseudocode for the 5% employees’ salary raise. Write an algorithm that computes the average weekly salary of the six employees.

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