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This python program must be created using modular programming techniques only No data structure

This python program must be created using modular programming techniques only. No data structure functions can be used. (Import OS and Date-Time module needs to be used.) Create a menu driven system for user to navigate through the system using appropriate options. The Department of Health in your state needs a computer program to manage the inventory of PPEs1 that it receives from multiple suppliers2 and distribute them to the hospitals3 that it manages. List of PPE items the department receives are listed in Table 1 below: Table 1: PPE ItemsItem CodeItem NameHCHead CoverFSFace ShieldMSMaskGLGlovesGWGownSCShoe Covers Task:All items and its details need to be recorded in ppe.txt file. The details for each item should include item code, supplier code and quantity in stock (measured in number of boxes). Other relevant details can also be recorded.All PPE items are measured in boxes, i.e., they are received, recorded and distributed in boxes.Each item is supplied by exactly one supplier. However, one supplier can supply more than one type of item.Assume that there should be minimum of three hospitals in your state. The program should have a feature for user to update the item quantities every time after receiving from suppliers (increase in quantity) or distributing to the hospitals (decrease in quantity). You should record the details of all the updates in a text file transactions.txt. Details of transactions (i.e. items received and distributed) should include item code, supplier code/Hospital code, quantity received/quantity distributed, and date-time.Details of suppliers need to be stored in suppliers.txt file.When testing the program, you should perform adequate updates on each item. This is to prove whether the feature is correctly functioning.Before distributing any item to hospitals, the program should check for available quantity in stock. User need to be notified if the quantity in stock is insufficient. The program should also indicate the current quantity in stock for the user to retry with appropriate quantity.The program should have a feature to create hospitals.txt file for storing and updating hospital details. Include hospital code for each of them. You can only have 3 or 4 hospitals.Record all updates in transaction.txt file. The program should have options to track items and print:Total available quantity of all items sorted in ascending order by item code.Records of all items that has stock quantity less than 25 boxes.Track available quantity for a particular item.Track item received during a specific time period (startDate to endDate) Important Note: Inventory creation should be done only once and during the very first time the program is executed. Initial quantity of each item need to be recorded as 100 each in ppe.txt file during this time. The program should prompt for all inputs for creating this file.You can only have 3 or 4 suppliers. You should not include supplier details in ppe.txt file. Only supplier code need to be stored in ppe.txt file. The program should have a feature to create suppliers.txt file for storing and updating supplier details.

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