Your friend emily has just started a new fitness program and wants to know if a scale is a good way to track her progress. give your opinion and justify your response with examples from this lesson.

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Body Composition Quiz

Basal metabolism


Which of the following is not true about childhood obesity?

Your friend emily has just started a new fitness program and wants to know if a scale is a good way to track her progress. give your opinion and justify your response with examples from this lesson.

Which of the following statements is true about storage body fat?

Luke is 5 feet 11 inches and weighs 170 pounds. using the body mass index chart as a guide, under which category would he fall?

Because they are both lean, when mark and lauren have children, they will most likely have children who are lean.

Compare and contrast the health-related problems that severely underweight and overweight people might face.

When doctors talk about an individual’s body composition, they are talking solely about the fat components of the human body.

Which of the following is not true about the body mass index?

Which of the following statements is true about body composition?

Explain the difference between essential body fat and storage body fat.

Like his parents, thomas is short, stocky, and heavyset. although he exercises regularly and eats a well-balanced meal, his body composition stays the same. explain what factor is most likely affecting his body composition.

Over half of americans have a bmi over 30, placing them in the obese category.

Genetics can influence the amount of body fat an individual possesses.

Paul has been clinically diagnosed with depression, so he takes a lot of prescription drugs. based on this information, which of the following is most likely to influence his body composition?

Which of the following is not a part of the body’s nonfat components?

Which of the following is not true about essential body fat?

A certain percentage of body fat is essential for the body to function effectively.

Which of the following is not true about energy balance?

Which of the following is not a consequence of too little body fat?

Which of the following is not true about how medical problems affect body composition?

Body mass index (bmi)

Energy balance

When the body’s energy intake is balanced with energy expenditure, an individual will gain weight.

If you wanted to measure your body composition and only had a scale and measuring tape, what types of methods could you use?

Larissa has a bmi of 30% and a waist measurement of 40. describe larissa’s body composition, set a reasonable goal for her, and devise a plan to help her accomplish the goal.

Lisa reads so many magazines and they give her all kinds of advice on weight loss and fitness. which piece of advice would be good for her to follow

Cameron learned that carrying more weight around the middle could put you at risk for certain conditions. she wants to use a body composition method to determine her body composition and also wants to know about weight distribution. which method would be best to determine all she needs to know?

The real advantage to hydrostatic weighing is that it __________.

What does the fitt principles stand for and how can it be used to alter body composition?

Which of the following best represent a good plan for decreasing your bmi?

In a diet and exercise program, a good reward for weight loss is a big serving of your favorite high calorie food.

To apply the fitt principles to eating habits we use __________.

A female with a waist to hip ratio greater than 1

A. 0 would be at a higher risk for certain diseases.

A journal is a good way to track your diet and exercise progress.

Sandra wants to improve her body composition. four of her friends have given her advice. analyze the sentences to determine which friend gave her the best piece of advice?

Maintaining a healthy weight comes down to moderation and __________.

Nancy eats 2,000 calories a day. she burns 500 during her workouts and 1,000 participating in her normal daily activities. how many more calories does she have to burn to lose weight?

Which statement is true about skipping meals?

The doctor is very concerned about janine’s body composition and needs to know the exact percentage of body fat she has and where the body fat is stored. which of the following would be the best test for the doctor to order?

Which of the following statements is not a weight loss myth?

Laura measured her body composition by measuring her waist circumference. her waist is 39 inches. based on this result, which of the following is true?

Sandra ate about 2,000 calories yesterday. she was not feeling well, so she laid around and watched tv all day and burned 1,200 calories. if sandra did this all week, she would __________.

In order to determine body composition with bioelectrical impedance, you must also know __________.

Julie has an ectomorph body type, which means she is tall and thin with long arms and legs.


Organic foods


This type of fad diet requires long periods of time with no calorie intake. what type of fad diet would this most likely be?

What is the purpose of a diet and why do most people diet?

An individual with heart disease would benefit the most from following a diet that is __________.

The biggest reason people diet is to reduce their cholesterol.

Suzanne is following a fad diet. she has started to experience low energy during her workouts, and on a recent trip to the doctor, she found out she has high cholesterol. which fad diet is suzanne most likely following?

Describe the difference between a healthy diet and dieting to lose weight.

Mark wants to lose some weight fast, so he decides to take some diuretics. select the statement that best represents the result of this decision.

Dwane needs to be careful about eating carbohydrates. what type of diet could he be following?

List ways that the government assists in eating healthy.

June follows a special diet that does not allow her to eat any milk products. this diet could be __________.

Scott is a young man whose body has trouble processing sugar. the best diet for him to follow is one that is __________.

Diets not only correct health problems, they can also cause health problems.

Lent is a fad diet that can be harmful to vital organs.

How many calories are the basis for the calculation of the percent daily values?

You want to lose weight and have been trying to decide which type of fad diet is best for you. you ask your doctor, who responds that __________.

A patient comes to the emergency room with very low potassium and dehydration. the doctor would want to ask if this patient has __________.

Planning meals in advance helps to control portions.

In order to lose 12 pounds, your friend wants to fast for a week. you don’t think it is a good idea. which of the following statements best explains why she should not fast and provides her with a better alternative?

An 18-year-old girl was taken to the hospital with high blood pressure and headaches. doctors noticed that she looked very thin and discovered she had a heart problem. after talking with her, the doctor discovered that her symptoms were caused by dieting. which type of diet would most likely cause these types of difficulties?

Sanchez consumes a diet where he will not eat pork and will not eat meat with dairy products. he is most likely following this type of diet.

Body image

Eating disorder

Anorexia nervosa

Bulimia nervosa

Binge eating disorder

Disordered eating

Making realistic goals is an important part of creating a healthy body image. how does one determine if a goal is realistic?

Does the media influence how men perceive their bodies? why or why not?

Eating disorders are frequently accompanied by existing psychiatric and physical illness, including anxiety, obsessive behavior, depression, and __________.

List the health issues involved with binge eating disorder and explain how the disorder perpetuates itself.

Body image is harder to maintain during adolescent years because __________.

Which of the following is a symptom of bulimia?

People with a healthy body image will not __________.

Recall a time when you recognized a false body image in the media. describe the event and highlight one or more methods the media used to create the unrealistic depiction.

The media through television, movies, and the internet can affect a person’s body image. can books also contribute to this problem? why or why not?

Which of the following is the least likely way that peer groups influence a person’s body image?

Professional treatment for an eating disorder includes all of the following except:

Parents are a large factor in how their children perceive their bodies.

Regular exercise is critical to all age groups in maintaining body composition.

Which eating disorder causes people to see themselves as fat, regardless of what they actually weigh?

A person suffering from anorexia nervosa typically suffers from which of the following health issues?

Which of the following is not something an athlete needs in a healthy diet?

Family members cannot typically treat a loved one’s eating disorder because __________.

A complete definition of body image includes how intelligent one believes him or herself to be.

Which of the following is not a component of an unhealthy body image?

Eating disorders are caused by all of the following factors except:

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