MatsRUs begintabularccc hline multicolumn1c Type Color Foldable 25

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Create a Windows Forms application for Mats-R-Us Retailer. The app will determine the cost of a purchase based on amat type, color & whether or not it is foldable. .a. Draw a sketch of an appropriate interface. Be sure to follow the GUI design guidelines in the file(ProjectGuideline-Standards.pdf).b. If you want to include an image in the interface, you can use your own image.c. Prepare the following design specifications; Planning Chart and (pseudocode or flowchart.)d. Create a Windows Forms application. Use the following names for the project and solution, respectively:CalcCostProject for the project and MatsSolution.e. Use your Planning Chart as a guide when building the interface.f. Change the appropriate properties of the form. Properties updated or modified in Labs 1 – 4 will also beupdated/modified in lab 5.g. Add required internal documentation.h. Change the form file’s name to MainForm.vb. Change the form’s name to frmMain. Make sure to change thestartup form in project properties.i. The interface will 2 sets of radio buttons, a check box, a label, two buttons and an image if you choose.j. Be sure to set the tab order.k. The interface should allow the user to select the type & color, foldable option.l. Create a function that will determine the price based on the type selection using a select case statement.m. Create a procedure (not function) to determine the extra charge for color and foldable selected. Use IFstatements to determine the add on cost. Use ByRef in the procedure.n. Use a sales tax rate of 8.75% to obtain final price.o. Make sure declared constants follow location and naming rules.p. Clear the output labels by coding the CheckedChanged procedures.q. The application should display the cost of the purchase (2 decimal places).r. The form closing event will be used to determine if the user is sure they want to exit the application.s. The button that calculates and displays the cost should be the default button

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