Philosophy & Short Stories: The Altered Page Comprehend, Manage, and Create Outcomes

  Philosophy & Short Stories:

                                              The Altered Page

                           Comprehend, Manage, and Create Outcomes                                            

1. Brainstorm ideas on how to create an altered page (or spread) for the most important page of the one of the following short stories: 

  • A Girls Story by David Arneson 
  • The Late Man by Andreas Schroeder
  • The Wall by Jean-Paul Sartre 
  • Happy Endings by Margaret Atwood 

You will need to provide notes on the brainstorming (could be used in annotations for the story) when you submit your altered page.  

NOTE: Many examples of altered pages may be found on google.  

2. Your topic is: Discuss the idea(s) from your chosen short stories most significant page about the conflict between pursuing a meaningful course of action and following conventions. 

Use your altered page to answer the topic through conveying your comprehension of the most important meaning, theme, motif etc. Be intentional. Consider use of color, empty space, words etc. 

1) Select a page from ONE OF THE SHORT STORIES that you’d like to alter. Complete annotations of the short story related to the text, topic, and your life. The ideas you create on the text could provide you with insight into the important page that you’d like to alter. Once you decide on the appropriate page, create a copy of that page through either a photocopy or digital copy of it. Use that page in whatever way you see fit to represent your deeper understanding of the critical element of your story in relation to the topic and your understanding.

2) Create your altered page 

3) Write a detailed explanation of your visual, as well as your word choices and any other creative choices (Walk me through it as if you are explaining a work of art to me -What should I know? What do you want your viewer/reader to notice?).

  • How did you create/alter the page to highlight the most important elements of the short story to answer the topic?

4) Complete the self-evaluation below on this outline. 

5) These are the OUTCOMES you will be assessed on: 

• Manage 

  • What strategies have you employed to brainstorm ideas related to the annotated copy of the short story, the altered page, the philosophical connections, and how you used materials to address the topic?

 • Comprehend 

  • How have you synthesized  information between the text, philosophical links, and your own life experience(s) to extend our understanding through your creation? 

• Create 

  • How have you explored the ideas of the text and your experiences with materials to make something new? How have you imagined possibilities within the text/topic? 

• Collaboration / Respect 

  • How have you expressed your ideas, as well as those of the author, using appropriate language choices and proper sentence and paragraph construction?


  • Name three things you are proud of on this assignment. 
  • Name three things you would improve if given more time/resources…. 
  • Name three things you have learned from completing this task or reading the short stories
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