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In patriarchal society Esterios, the secretarial profession is dominated by men while the computer science profession is dominated by women…

Introduction to Sociology 2nd Edition Chapter 12 MCQs

1.) In patriarchal society Esterios, the secretarial profession is dominated by men while the computer science profession is dominated by women. Based on this and applying the sociological imagination, which of the following is most likely the case
A.  All the choices are most likely true
B.  Socialization and social control in Esteros encourage men to become secretaries and women to become computer scientists
C.  As, secretaries, the men are paid less than the women who are concentrated in the computer science field
D.  The men and women have different motivation and goals
2.) Carlos tends Llama in Columbia and his wife, Rosa, takes care of the family crops. Joseph is a nurse in the Netherlands and his wife, Martina, is a midwife. Both countries are patriarchal. Whose work would be given more prestige in their perspective societies?
A.  Rosa’s and Martina’s
B.  Carlos’ and Martina’s
C.  Rosa’s and Joseph’s
D.  Carlos’ and Joseph’s
3.) Applying the sociological perspective or imagination, gender is significant because It ____?
A.  Stratifies people based on family background
B.  All the above
C.  Shapes how a person behave, act, and is socially ranked by others
D.  is a social process based on genetics
4.) In Carlos town, most of math degrees are awarded to men; meanwhile, most of counseling degrees are awarded to women. This scenario illustrates which of the following?
A.  the socialization of gender roles
B.  feminization in the school curriculum
C. Sexism
D. the social construction of sex
5.) As a woman, Karen is not encouraged by her parents to become a businesswoman and is not provided financial support to pursue her MBA degree by her parents because they feared that she could not handle the business world. In contrast, her twin brother Dylan was allowed and encouraged by her parents to take on the dad’s business after he finishes school. This case illustrates that:
A. gender is a basis of stratification
B. patriarchy is often limited to education and career
C. Sexual harassment can occur in family atmosphere
D. Sexism is universal and exists everywhere
6.) _____ describes the barriers that limit women’s abilities to advance their career
A. Gender typing
B. the glass ceiling
C. the glass elevator
D. sex tracking
7.) A female boss using her authority to force her subordinates to perform sexual favors is a form of sexual harassment
A. True
B. False
8.) Applying the sociologist’s perspective or imagination, which of the following explain why men and women behave differently?
A. Society shapes how a person behaves based on his or her gender
B. Gender differences are rooted in inherited genetic traits
C. Physical and physiological make-up determines how society labels gender
D.  Biology explains why there are huge differences across genders
9.) Sex and gender are important in influencing our lives and how people perceive us. Which of the following statement is least accurate about them?
A. Sex is socially constructed by society
B. Society gender labels impact how members of that society behave and relate to each other
C. In many societies, one sex is the basis of social stratification
D. Gender is a form of social control
10.) There are 2 genders?
A. True
B. False

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