– Three cats with names- Mia, Ruby and Snowy are playing Rock-Paper-Scissors. – Basic rules of the…

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– Three cats with names- Mia, Ruby and Snowy are playing Rock-Paper-Scissors.

– Basic rules of the game are: Rock beats scissors, scissors beat paper, and paper beats rock.

– Each cat gains 3.5 points per win, loses a point per match lost, and gains 1.5 points if a match is drawn.

– A total of 5 matches were played between Snowy and Mia. Snowy threw rock, paper, and scissors while Mia threw scissors, paper, and rock in the first three matches. In the last 2 matches, both Snowy and Mia threw rock.

– Mia and Ruby played 3 matches in which Ruby threw rock three times while Mia threw paper, rock, and scissors.

– 7 matches were played between Snowy and Ruby. Snowy threw rock, scissors, rock, paper, paper, rock, scissors while Ruby threw scissors, rock, scissors, scissors, rock, paper, scissors respectively.

– Interpret the above data to display/fill the table on the next page.

– Instructions and Hints:

– Display the column Match Number using string data type.

– Display table headings using cout in C++

– Display columns with headings Gesture using string data type. Use the information provided above to fill these columns for each cat.

– Create 2-D arrays for columns-Won, Lost and Draw. You are required to enter the number of points, not the no. of wins, loses, or draws under these columns. Use for loops and if-else statements to fill the information under these columns.

– Create a sum function to calculate Points (=sum of Win, loss and draw per match) for each cat.

– Create a mean function to calculate “Average” for columns- Won, Lost, Draw and Points.

– Calculate Winning probability using the following formula. WinningProbability=TotalnumberofOutcomesNumberoffavourableOutcomes100

– PS: Calculations for -Won, Lost, Drawn and Winning Probability should be done using for loops, if-else statements. Calculation under Points and Average should be done using functions for 2D arrays. You may call a function for 2D arrays with or without using pointers!

3 reviews for – Three cats with names- Mia, Ruby and Snowy are playing Rock-Paper-Scissors. – Basic rules of the…

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