This lab is an exercise of using Javas and Cs dynamic binding features The uncompleted programs

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This lab is an exercise of using Java’s and C++’s dynamic binding features. The uncompleted programs to run in Java and in C++ are given below. Note that you need to create a driver class with the main method to run the Java program. Also, you need to write the main function to run the C++ program. Perform the following activities:predict the output of the Java program.run the Java program and compare your prediction to the actual output of the program. Complete the C++ program such that it prints the same output as the Java program does. You need to use the given classes to generate the desired output.The purpose of this lab is to exercise the dynamic binding features in Java and C++. Therefore, you need to make sure your Java and C++ programs perform the same dynamic binding and give the same output. Without dynamic binding, simply making the program print out the desired output will not accrue any credits. The Java Program is: class A{ public void p() { System.out.println(“A.p”); } public void q() { System.out.println(“A.q”); } public void r() { p(); q(); }} class B extends A{ public void p() { System.out.println(“B.p”); }} class C extends B{ public void q() { System.out.println(“C.q”); } public void r() { p(); q(); }}…A a;C c = new C();a = c;a.r();a = new B();a.r();a = new C();a.r(); The C++ Program is: class A{ public:virtual void p() { cout << “A.p” << endl; } void q() { cout << “A.q” << endl; } virtual void r() { p(); q(); }}; class B : public A{ public:void p() { cout << “B.p” << endl; }}; class C : public B{ public:void q() { cout << “C.q” << endl; } void r() { p(); q(); }};

2 reviews for This lab is an exercise of using Javas and Cs dynamic binding features The uncompleted programs

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