1 This program uses a loop to display a 2 table showing the numbers 1 through 10 3 and

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Python please 6. See program 4-13. Using similar code, write a program for the multiplicatin table of 7 starting with 1 and ending with 34. That is the table should look like this:7 times 1 is 77 times 2 is 14……. 7 times 34 is …Submit the program nd the output. Look at the flowchart for program 4-8.7. program 14 has the code that looks likefor kph in range (…, …, …) . The third argument is the increment. consider the following code:for x in range (10, 100, 5): print(x)What do you expect? write the program, run it and tell me if you got what you expected. submit the program and the output and a statement about your expectations. 17. turtle graphics can be used to design some very nice patterns using loops. Write programs 4-32, 4-33, and 4-34. Run them and make sure that you understood the programs. Now, I want you to write a new program using loops and turtle to produce a nice pattern as one of these three. Write this program and submit the program and output. The design you produce should be completely different from the three in the textbook. Do your best. Take it as a challenge and do it. You will not lose points if you do not do this problem.18. This problem you need to do. Write a turtle program using loops to produce a 10 by 10 grid of horizontal and vertical lines. I am sure you can understand a grid. Submit the program and the output.

6 reviews for 1 This program uses a loop to display a 2 table showing the numbers 1 through 10 3 and

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